Short and to the point

August 10, 2006

If you call a technical service number with a question and they give you an answer to your question dont tell them there wrong. If you knew the answer Why in the hell did you call.


Some one needs to invent away to put your hand threw a phone and punch the moron on the other end.

August 10, 2006

To steal a line from the movie Friday “I don’t claim to be the smartest man in the world”, but man there are some stupid people wondering our planet. From the top level government down to the idiot roaming the street. However it seams that they all call or email the company I work for or friends and family work for.

I work for a small computer reseller (No I’m not going to tell you which) lets just say computer company. On a daily basis we get 50-100 calls that you just have to ask your self how in the hell did these people survive for this long on this planet. I understand that not every person understands technology nor wants to. People in the industry don’t always know everything either which by the way makes for some real funny conversation when neither person on the phone knows what the hell there trying to do.

Over the 3 years I have worked for this company I have had to deal with some of these wonderful humans. All these stories are completely true here is a real good one

Lady calls in starts the conversation with I wanna by a pumputer (yeah that’s exactly what she said took 3 times to full understand)
ME: Ok well we have a number of different brands and models what are you interested in doing with the computer

Customer: why the fuck should I tell you motherfucker, why you trying to be in my personal life I just want to buy the pumputer

ME: Ok will you be using it for school, work, or gaming??

Customer: I told you I aint going into my personal life just sell me the pumputer.

ME: Miss we have over 3000 different computers available I need more information to select one.

Customer: No you don’t I don’t want to talk to you no more I want your boss now


He gets on the phone with her gets the same thing tells we can’t help her unless she stops cursing and gives us some information. (CLICK)

45 minutes later unfortunately I answer the phone again and get

Caller: I want to talk to Him
ME: ok what’s the name of the person you want to talk to?
Caller: Him
ME: Him who
Caller: You know who don’t get me mad
ME: With out a name I’m not sure who you want to talk to
Caller: Look motherfucker you know who this is and you know who I want to talk to.

Ok now it has clicked and I remember who this is.
Me: ok hold on
I give the phone back to my boss and she starts completely from the beginning again but some how some way he get threw to her and gives the call back to me to place the order for her. (Now this is about to get funny)

ME: ok I’m going to place this order for you for so and so computer.
Will be paying by credit card, money order, paypal, or wire transfer
Caller: Credit card
ME: Can I have your name as it appears on the credit card
Caller: No
Me: I’m sorry but I need the name from the card to place the order
Caller: NO you don’t stop asking me personal shit.
ME: Miss with out the name on the card I cannot place the order with the credit card
Caller: You will to
ME: Again Miss no I can not
Caller: fine use 2pac (I kid you not)
ME: your name is 2 pac
Caller: yeah too pac
ME: ok the billing address
Caller: look fucker I told you I aunt give that information to you stop askin
ME: ok Miss We cannot take your order your going to need to go somewhere else.
Caller: No fucken way I’m buying here I want the other man
ME: Fine
Boss takes the call this lady tells him that I was getting to personal wanting this information because I new she was sexy and I wanted to have sex with her. It took every bone in his body not to laugh so hard milk from 3 days before would have come out of his nose. After another 10 minutes he finally convinced her to go away thank god.

This is only the tip of the Iceberg I have 100’s of other stories like this. Stay tuned for more they get funnier then this.